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EXTENSIVE features discussion, worldbuilding, speculation...

Posted: Thu May 17, 2012 5:36 pm
by AirBreather
Hello everyone!

I've recently looked through a large amount of software apps/suites to suit my needs and believe that MyInfo is one of the best fits. I intend to grab the Standard (or Pro?? Decisions, decisions!) demo and see if that is the case, but have a lot of textual material spread accross a tabbed, tree-based application (KeyNote NF; ) and would like some comments/expansions on a few points. At the minimum, it has all the features present in Keynote - so there is no 'lose' for me there!

As a FYI, I'd like to use it primarily for World Building - reams and reams of info in tons of different categories and sub-categories. Kind of a larger scope of the 'game master tool' option proposed on the main page.

I've read over the MyInfo features, looked at the screenshots, compared versions, etc, but have not memorized everything, so it quite possible I have missed something here!

First, the features that I am looking for that I believe MyInfo already has (please let me know if any of these are incorrect):
- Image/picture insertion (however, only to an extremely basic degree??).
- Hierarchal (multi-level) tree design.
- Multi-window viewing and editing.
- Offline operation.
- Spell checking (Canada English with addon).
- Cloning of documents to multiple locations.
- Exporting to Excel, (pro = full) web sites.
- Full featured text editor.
- Complex search system.
- Tables.
- 'Columns in the tree' feature.
- Hiding, filtering and (Pro) 'Hoist'; filters in general.
- Favourites.
- Command shortcuts.
- Creation and use of (basic?) templates.
- (Pro) Replace text everywhere.
- State icons and being able to add my own.
- Task list.
- (Pro) Word count.

Features that it has that are nice, but not relevant to my issues:
- Calender view.
- Comprehensive backups.
- Auto paste.
- Colour coded topics.
- Drag & drop everywhere.
- (Pro) Encryption.
- Internal browser.
- Importing.
- Multiple languages.
- Printing.
- Reminders.
- (Pro) Portable version.
- (Pro) Workspaces.

Features that I am critically looking for but are not present in MyInfo (unsure - please let me know if not correct!):
- Image tagging, labeling, and metadata storing and editing.
- Taggable and label-able pages.
- Insertion of many different kinds of multi-media: movies, audio, background pictures, etc.
- Moving the layout, placement and spatial relationships between text paragraphs, pictures and other media.
- Configuring of 'hot spots' (float over displays or internal links) on pictures (like in web page pictures, banners, etc).
- Text internal or external manual links (e.g. traditional links).
- Internal automatic coversion of text to an internal or external link within documents whenever a certain word, phrase or sentance is written.
- Manual and/or auto-indexing of content.
- Live updating of edited templates through all instances present in MyInfo.
- Favourites/quick buttons for saved text/font/colour/bold/etc combinations.
- Some sort of event/history/timeline sequencer system, either in a table or visual timeline form; the use of CUSTOM, non-traditional date ranges, time, etc.

Features that I would want but are not present in MyInfo:
- Resizing images by scaling only, not image changing.
- Storing multi-media directly in the MyInfo file.
- Tabbed documents (though with all the other features, I can live without it!)

Also, features that are 'out of scope' for the MyInfo app and would likely never appear in it, and I don't expect them ever to (please confirm!):
- Any form of internal graphical/picture editor.
- Online editing, shared collaberations, etc.

Specific Questions:
Q1) Possible to upgrade from from Standard to Pro? (With only paying the difference, not a whole new purchase?)
Q2) What are all the forms of image/media *manipulation* possible within MyInfo itself?
Q3) What are all the data forms it can export to? (Other than web pages, complete web sites, Word and Excel?)
Q4) How does the embedding and editing of local copies of other apps work?
Q5) How does the internal/external/linking to MyInfo work?
Q6) What are all the different forms/formats/extensions of files that can be inserted directly into MyInfo?

General Answers:
- If something is generally/easily answered by using a specific feature within MyInfo itself, please let me know; I'll do so!

Thank you for your time!