How to compare MyInfo and AskSam

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How to compare MyInfo and AskSam

Post by sjaves » Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:36 pm

I use AskSam (since 2005) primarily for capturing web text (pictures are generally secondary to me) for research work for clients (travel). Blogs and the like for review later and reference. There’s other database stuff I do where fields come in handy.

Some initial questions;
1. Is there a plugin for IE 11 Right-Click context menu like there is for Firefox?
2. Sending web pages as attachments - can the folder that stores the .mht files be changed? Temporary folder is not a good place.
3. Why send a web page as an attachment as opposed to sending the whole page embedded in the note?
4. Is there a way to NOT send pictures with web pages? Hmmm, maybe that's the benefit of the page attachment.

Any comments from past AskSam folks appreciated.


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