Ideas for retaining links or synchronization with Word docs?

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Ideas for retaining links or synchronization with Word docs?

Post by Tester » Wed May 07, 2014 8:22 pm

I would be happy if someone had an idea for the following matter:

At the moment I experiment with a topic consisting of 3-4 rather big documents (about 10 MB each of them) (in essence a dictionary).

Into these documents I paste text from MS Word documents (= from .doc-files). MS Word is (and should stay) the primary place for creating the contents.

In the Word doc-files I have no links (and I do not need them there). I would like to add them in MyInfo, either links to a specific paragraph in the same document or to a certain paragraph in another document of the same topic.

For example:
Let's assume I want to link from the words "BIRD", "DOG", "FISH" to the word (paragraph) "ANIMAL".

It is easy to realize:

- First I create an anchor at the paragraph with the word "ANIMAL" (by right mouseclick and chosing "Copy Link to this Paragraph").

The path of this anchor is for example:

("Tester" [or whatever] is the username in Windows, "Kompakt" is the name of the topic.)

Then I go to "BIRD" (and the other words) and create a hyperlink to "ANIMAL" by pasting this anchor.

All is OK.

And now my problem:

The contents of the doc.files in Word are (slightly) modified relatively often (let's say at least 2 or 3 times a day). One method to realize these modifications in the MyInfo-topic would be to add them manually there too. For example: In the doc-file I add the word "INSECT". So I do the same in the document of MyInfo.

Obviously this method is quite cumbersome and means that I have to write everything two times. So my plan is a different one:

First I make my changes in Word and then from time to time (e.g. once a week) I delete the whole contents of the MyInfo document and paste the complete (updated) contents of the Word-doc.file into this document of MyInfo.

This works fine, but of course my links/anchors are gone (because they do not exist in the Word-doc-file).

I wanted to be clever and tried to transfer the hyperlinks from MyInfo into the Word document (via copy and paste): for example replacing the mere word "BIRD" in the doc.file by the hyperlink "BIRD" (leading in MyInfo to "ANIMAL" when clicking on it). So the links would be (again) in the MyInfo-document whenever I paste a new version of the contents of the doc-file into MyInfo.

Theoretically this works - but not in practice. Here the reason why:

The "original" path of the link/anchor looks as written above:
But after copying and pasting it into Word and pasting it back to MyInfo it looks like this (with the effect that the link exists but it does not work when clicking on it):
\C:\Users\Tester\Documents\myinfo://C:/Users/Tester/Documents/My Topics/Kompakt.mio*2#CRBDRP
The differences are
- the additional "\C:\Users\Tester\Documents\" at the beginning of the path
- The space between the words "My Topics" instead of the symbol %.

Are there any ideas to solve this problem or even to use a completely different method to keep the documents in MyInfo up-to-date as in Word? Thanks in advance.

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