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Go back/forward does not work with certain document titles

Posted: Sat May 10, 2014 10:28 pm
by Tester
It is a quite unimportant detail and to my mind no problem at all if it cannot be fixed. Just to mention it:

It concerns the feature Go back / Go forward (to the viewed documents):

This feature does not work when a document title
- starts with two stars (**)
- or ends with one (or more) stars.

Concretely, I have a document with the title **STARTSEITE**.

I have put the two stars in front of the word because so this document is always the first one. (The rest is in alphabetical order.)

(One star would also be enough, but I have two other documents with one star. And the two stars after the word have no function, I have put them there only for optical reasons. :mrgreen: )

After having viewed the document **STARTSEITE** its title is in the list of Go back / Go forward:


But when I click on it nothing happens.

When removing one star before the word (plus the two after the word) it works. :wink: