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No line break possible between quotation marks and brackets

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:04 am
by Tester
No spectacular issue but in some cases it can be annoying:

MyInfo obviously regards quotation marks,
namely: " or ' or ยป
and a following bracket,
namely: ( or [ or {
as a unit which shall not be separated (although there is a space between quotation mark and bracket). The effect is that no line break (word wrap) is possible between them and an amount of text that would fit in the upper line is pulled down in the next line.

Here an example (it is within a table and with some greek letters but this is not the reason for the undesired effect):

Look at the quotation mark (blue arrow) and the following bracket (red arrow) in the third line and at the big space that remains free in the line above (green frame):


When either the bracket is removed (picture 2) or the quotation mark is removed (picture 3) the undesired "unit" is eliminated and the word (with or without quotation mark) goes into the upper line:

Picture 2:


Picture 3: