Non-breaking space does not always work

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Non-breaking space does not always work

Post by Tester » Sun Aug 17, 2014 1:02 pm

It seems that there is a small bug with the non-breaking space.

I refer to the non-breaking space, as described for example here:

Let's assume that in the following text I do not want that the space between GF and aus leads to a splitting of the text at the end of a line (with other words: the parts before and after this space shall always be in the same line):

DF+GF aus: Schnitzler: Spiel

[Please bear in mind that DF+GF is written without space. This happens deliberately.]

So I create in Microsoft Word a non-breaking space between "GF" and "aus" (with Ctrl+Shift+Space), visible (in Word) by a small °between "GF" and "aus" when activating the non-printing characters:


When copying and pasting such a text from MS Word to MyInfo, usually the non-breaking space will be retained, that means that in MyInfo it exists too. But there is at least one (essential for me) exception which seems to be a bug:

The non-breaking space is not retained when the part before the space contains the character + (plus).
The strange thing is that MyInfo in this case moreover creates something like an additional (undesired) space before the +.

That's how the above example looks like in MyInfo after pasting it from MS Word:


The letters "DF" are in the upper line, the rest (separated by a fictional space) is in the following line. Of course an ugly, undesired appearance.

It has definitely to do with the character + (plus) because all works fine in case of pasting a text (with the same non-breaking space) to MyInfo which contains instead of + for example the characters , (comma) or * (asterisk) or = (equivalent):




As you can see, in these three cases the non-breaking space works: the part of the text before it is completely in the lower line.

PS: The smaller font size of the relevant section of the text in the above pictures is part of my formatting and has no connection with the problem.

PS 2: My version of MS Word: 2002 (SP 3)

PS 3: I think I remember that a similar problem exists in certain situations with the non-breaking hyphen ( ... ng_hyphens) (e.g.: Indo-European should always be in one line) and/or the soft hyphen ( when pasting from MS Word. But I have no examples ready to hand at the moment.

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