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docx export

Post by Achim_H » Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:20 pm


I'm checking the trial version at the moment and find it very tempting. Nevertheless, a problem and a question:

The problem:
When I import a docx-file, how can I get it out of MyInfo as a docx-file again? All my export tries resulted in rtf-files. Also it seems to be impossible to import a docx-file as an attachment (with a paper clip icon), which would probably allow, to get it out as a docx-file.

And the question:
Will it in MI 7 be possible to drag a file from the tree onto the desktop, like it is possible noe, to drag it from the desktop into the tree?

best regards

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Post by DONLEONE » Sun Sep 18, 2016 4:13 pm

there are only 2 ways currently
that you can "trick" MyInfo to do it:

1. you can rename the *.docx extension
to something like *.dooocx
so that it won't auto-convert it to rtf
and then it will import it
as an attachment

but the problem of course with this is
that you eventually need to change back the extension
whenever you like to open and edit that file again

(but at least the file itself won't get messed up
and will stay perfectly formatted
and simply "stored" in MyInfo)

or else

2. you can go into a note, and then to
Insert -> Object -> Object from File
(and then select your docx document)
which will put it into a note,
either as an icon if you click the checkbox,
or much more usefully,
as in fact a very good preview

(which but unfortunately cannot be edited
as the changes made to it in Word
will not be retained back in MyInfo)

and the problem with this is again,
that in order to then save it out again of MyInfo
you have to open it quick in Word
and then from there "save as" it out again

and i know, both of these ways are very limited,
but they may be good enough to survive a couple months
until hopefully soon eventually MyInfo 7 indeed comes

(and which should then really support
all the features you asked for,
but i am not the delevoper :-)


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Post by Achim_H » Mon Sep 19, 2016 5:11 pm


many thanks for your tips. I think the first would be the most handy one.
But in the meantime, I installed MI on an other PC and there it works. I can drag a docx file into the tree and it gets imported and embedded (with paperclip) and also can be exported as docx.
So I think, it's rather a Windows 7 configuration problem ... if I only knew it :( .

Best regards

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