A bug - repeated headlines at ".HEAD" Import

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A bug - repeated headlines at ".HEAD" Import

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Maybe I am the only one concerned...
Hi Petko,
when importing ThinkTank ".HEAD"-files, MyInfo repeats each headline in the document under the headline. Till now at the proofreading, this wasn't a concern, but now the first book is exported for typesetting and printing and I have over every text section the headline twice in the exported text file, regardless of exporting as ".HEAD"-Structure or plain text. The only solution I could find for this is to delete each of the second identical Headlines by hand. At about thousand headlines is this quiet a bit of unnecessary work. (Not spoken of following projects...)
The problem is, this occurs only when there is a document under the Headline. Empty headlines occure only once. So it is not possible to export wthout the tree, because then I don't get the headlines without documents. If it would be consistent repeating EVERY headline, I could write a macro which deletes every second headline. But so I have no idea how to solve this. I already tryed all export versions.
Any proposition?
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Post by Petko »

.HEAD import plugin no longer duplicates the title in the text. Please use the new version:
http://www.milenix.com/addons/import-pl ... ead-import
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