After installing MyInfo 7

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After installing MyInfo 7

Post by phaich »

Hi Petko,
to make it short after a first glance:
MI7 looks very temptating but as it seems it will take a time till I can use it.

The main benefit I found is the "Global Search". It really finds everything, in headlines and text, I just couldn't figure out, in which order it places the findings, since they are not in the order of the headlines.

Then, I could not find the preset for the depth of expanding subheadlines, as we changed ideas recently.

A thing again is, MI 7 exports "Classic .HEAD" export differetly than MI 6. The same file exported from MI6 is 662.026 bytes and exported from MI7 660.121. The outline in MI7 File was an exact copy of the original. This difference is due to the line-ends and paragraph-ends (MI7 swallows paragraph-end blanks, CRLF in MI6 and LF only in MI7 etc.) So I would have to reprogram the prepress formatting workflow macros, what would take at moment too much time, till everything is checked and works – the printshop is waiting.

Hope many people can use the other new features
Greetings – Peter
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Post by Petko »

Peter, the expand option and Windows line endings will be in the next update. For the paragraph differences, I will need some samples from you.
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