[fixed] incremental search in tree not locating child notes

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[fixed] incremental search in tree not locating child notes

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Hi Petko,

Regarding Incremental Search:
Tools>Options>Advanced>Enable Incremental Search in the Tree

I enabled this in both MI6 and MI7.

In MI6, incremental search locates the notes that are child notes and are hidden from view.
However, in MI7, incremental search only locates notes that are in view (not hidden/after expanded).

For example:

Note1: AAA Corp
Note2: ABC Inc
Note3: |--------- Charles // hidden / collapsed under note2

When current note is on note1 and I type "C", in MI6, the tree expands, and the cursor locates Note3 that is hidden under Note2.

Would it be possible to locate notes that are hidden/collapsed, the same way MI6 does?

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Post by Petko »

Fixed in MyInfo 7.0.6.
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