MyInfo 7:Cannot accept cookies

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MyInfo 7:Cannot accept cookies

Post by SleepyBalrog »

When you add a bookmark note to a site you are unable to accept the cookie as the cookie pop-up is plced so you cannot reach the Accept button, thus you cannot scoll or navigate the bookmarked page.

- create bookmark note
- add the url:
- voila, you get a "This site uses cookies dialog with an overlay, but you cannot reach the Accept button.

I have encountered this bug on several sites and it is annoying that you cannot use bookmark notes on a lot of pages due to the cookies problem.

Also, in V6 you had a panel where you could add notes to the bookmarked page, will this functionality make a reappearance?
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Post by Telesto »

I'm able to accept cookies here.. Probably deleting the cookie named files in Installdir\configuration\Browser might solve they issue

However would be nice to have a way to clear they cache in this kind of situation like normal browsers
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Post by Petko »

I am also able to accept the cookies without problem.

As for the notes panel, it is available just under the internal web browser. Probably it is not visible because it was minimized? Can you send me a screenshot at
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