First feedback of 7.0.8

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First feedback of 7.0.8

Post by phaich »

Hi Petko and Everybody
I already tryed out one of the earlier Versions of 7, but I couldn't use it – I can't remeber anymore why but I stayed with Vers 6.
Now I tryed 7.0.8. and I am quite enthusiastic about it.
So first, Petko, thanks for implementig the feature expand immediate children only. It's a real ease, avoids confusing the mind with the "jungle" and saves a lot of time and effort. Already this feature will prevent me to go back to 6.
The Global Search is terrific too – MI 6 didn't find the terms in the tree, only in the documents. It's a real help.
As well is the possibility to choose betwenn notebooks with sections and single-file outlines is very practical and agreeabel.
And the Program works very precisely. The ".mnb" is exactly identical with the ".mio"...
The program was already very useful to date, now it got better and I am shure, I will find more features to profit of.

Now kind of bugs resp. rather proposals, misses, thoughts:
– When I want to load a .mio - file with a notebook already open, despite of disabled multi section notebooks the program asks me to open the file as a single notebook or as a section of the open notebook.
– What I am quite missing, is a global replace. The find now works only in the current text, and I didn't find a way to globally replace a term in the whole outline including tree-headlines. Resp. the options would be good "Only in documents", "Only in Headlines", "Both". The Global Replace was already in ThinkTank present... Or I just didn't find it yet?
– And: Am I closing the Global Search, even with deleting the searched term, the pink marks stay in the text and I didn't find out yet how to make the word neutral again. Will look on for it.
– What I am really missing is the Save or at least Sava as. Now, if I want to place the outline somwhere else, then I have to close it and then copy or move it to the new location. Hope Save/Save as will soon come back.
- Furthermore it would be good to have a Help to download or implemented into the program.
– What I futher could discuss is the terminology. In the help – as I saw it at first glimpse – the tree-headline of a note is called 'Note'. In my understanding the note is under it – the attached text. The part in the tree would be more the title or even the headline of it. This confuses a bit the mind.
– Then, I couldn't find in any dictionary the word "Statey" and I don't exactly understand it. Seems to be a kind of a tag to an imported file.
– Furthermore I am not working on notes, I am writing books. My outlines are not notebooks, they are books or publications - at last typesetted and printend. But it would be a longer thing – let's forget it. I enjoy the program.

Best Whishes to Everybody
and a Good Health
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Post by scooterg »

Hi Peter,

I have emailed Petko and he will be putting in a local help file when time is appropriate. If you look under the Tools menu, there is a find text and a replace text selection so I think that is what you are looking for. Stateys are pretty much icons or flags to identify an entry. You can ask him to add additional ones. He gave me the link in an email. I am going to come to Petko's defense. He has been developing version 7 for about 5 years so I am sure it was a massive undertaking. For the last year, I believe Petko was stabilizing the program so he can add more features to MyInfo in the near future. I have been using version 7 since it has been released. It was rough at times because of bugs but at this point, Petko has stabilized it. I haven't had any issues since 7.08 came out. Petko has been silent for a while so I am sure he is working on something. I know we all would like features sooner than later but I think he is doing his best to achieve that. I think we just have to be patient. I know we want the features yesterday. I have dealt with many other programmers for different programs and Petko seems to be the best at communicating. I know it may take a little time to get an answer but at least I hear from him. If Petko is a one man gang, you gotta give him lots of credit for the accomplishments he has made. In due time it will come. I wish everyone happy Holidays!
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Post by lbw2112 »

Hi Peter,

If I'm not mistaken, you use the Export function as a "Save As" feature. I'm guessing since it automatically saves now and there's no "Save" button that maybe putting in "Save As" would be a little confusing.

File > Export > MyInfo Notebook

You can choose either All Sections or Current Section so it's a little more useful that way.

Not sure if it's exactly the same as Save As but thought I'd throw it in there to let you know.

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Post by phaich »

Hi scooterg, Hi Larry,

thank you for the fast response.

So, first in earlier years I did a lot of programming (mostly in - ablolutely non visual - BASIC and a lot in severel macro languages of several programs. (The first of the latter was the "WPL" = Word Processing Language" of the Appla Writer an 8 K (!) sized Program for the Apple II... [At this time the word "Macro" existed only in outer space.]) So I have an idea how demanding programming work is. On the other hand I don't have the insight into Milenix, I just got the impression by the time that it's a one-man company consisting of Petko. So I know what an EXTREME amount of work he did resp. is doing producing this great and the same time large program and I even made some thoughts concerning his health. All this I am just saying to explain that what I proposed, is absolutely not meant in the sense of demandig "as fast as possible". They are rather ideas or proposals for the time when everything should match.
F. ex. I made the proposal for the feature, to limit the expansion of the tree to the next lower level about two years ago, and now I found it and I find it very good and absolutely OK now.

To the single points
One issue I already could solve: last night after I submitted my post I tried what I since long time never do because it brings messed and broken results: I just said in the Firefox Menue "Save this page" as a try. The result is a perfect working locally saved help as "Manual.htm". So now I can work in the forest cabin or on the high sees. (In truth I need it mostly in trains when I work while traveling but I generally don't like to be always on the leash.)

Concerning the "Save/Save as": no Larry, I don't use export to replace "Save". Rather, I use export because in my workflow till a fully fomattad book is the first station a ".HEAD"-File, which will coded from unicode to ANSI than provided with the nessecary Text-Tags, Paragraph-Tags, Breaks etc. trimmed, splitten in chapters and each saved ready for the tipesetting/publishing program - all that automatically by a series of Macros. The "Save" just would be a piece of sovereignty, to determine where my data is going to and not being incapacitated by the program. That's why I said that after saving I have to move or copy the notebook to a desired location. But your proposal to use Export to a notebook is still very helpful.

To come back to the global replace: Should Petko or whoever ever have the time to deal with this, one feature more after the ones I proposed yesterday would be good as well: to be able to make the "global" to nonglobal. That means, to select an item in the tree and search or replace in all notes only in the section under this Headline.

To summerise the "global" proposal:
1 - not only global search but as well global replace
2 - the options: replace only in notes; only in headlines; both
3 - the ability to narrow the search/replace section to a certain part of the Notebook under a certain location in the tree.

Concerning the Tools/Find-Replace, in my exemplar of the program 7.0.8 it only works in the currently open note. If no note is open it doesn't work at all. In Vers 6 I could find and replace in all documents. (But not find and not replace in the headlines.)

By the way: something I just mentioned to Petko one time very short without expecting a solution is a real bug in the plugins, which might only concern me in the whole community. It is the import-export funciton of ".HEAD"-files. I worked for 30 years with TinkTank (the mother of all outliners...), so my whole workflow is based on ".HEAD"-files. This is the reason I choosed MyInfo from all Outliners – I bought and tested at that time about 5 or 6 of them as the 16-bit ThinkTank didn't work anymore in the 64-bit environments. In ThinkTank I could export and import outlines or parts of them with the export-function depending on mood, what here is not possible. The program cannot import its own exported files. Resp. it can but the result is unusabel. The reason is, that MyInfo exports Unicode files, but at Import it expects ANSI. It after import shows all the unicode codes of spec. chars as double (and odd) ANSI characters. So now before reimporting I have to recode the text into ANSI in two steps. But OK as I said the number of people working with ".HEAD"-structures could only be one - me and I will pay with the recoding for the great benefits of the Program.

What I further enjoy a lot on the program is among others the possibility to enlarge or diminuish the view...

Whish You Both a Corona-Fee Time

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