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According to BobMack:
"You purchased a perfectly usable program- the same one I've been using productively for several years. "

He is totally right. So, please everyone, don't upgrade. Upgrading is for suckers. Ver. 4 has everything that you will ever need.

I doubt that they will get 20-25 suckers to upgrade.... maybe even less.
So, PLEASE save your money. Spend the money on some extra fireworks for the 4th.

The only problem might be if you use the program differently than how BobMack uses it. But, what are the odds of that. :wink:
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Post by BobMack »

Upgrading is for people who want new features.

Some of us think it's worth paying for value received, some apparently do not. Different philosophies, I guess.

I'll agree to disagree here.
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Don't mind paying for every new version.

In fact, please continue so.


Because 90% of time when software gets discontinued, it's because there's no motivation on the creators part. Well, money is a motivator.

Hence naturally MyInfo is actively being developed, due to charging for each new upgrade. And that's the way it should be.

Love MyInfo!

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Post by photo1220 »

Many of the previous replies seem to be thinly disguised personal insults. That's not right. Also some of the posts are from people who have had the previous version for some time, not just a few months. Before criticizing, walk a mile in another man's shoes.

I think the real issue is the upgrade policy and how it compares to industry norms. Of the software that I use, Milenix has the worst policy. One state-of-the-art product will extend upgrades, minor or major, for a year. Two applications have a stated policy much like MyInfo, but on forums they admit that recently purchased products (2-3 months) will be replaced for free. (Admittedly this is an unpublished policy.) Another has unlimited minor upgrades with the next major release costing existing users about 1/4 of the general purchase price. Your results may vary.

Note that I purchased MyInfo recently, and I am purchasing the upgrade. Nonetheless I believe that their upgrade policy does not rise to industry standards.