Harping again about REMINDERS

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Harping again about REMINDERS

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I have used MyInfo long enough now in trial version to know I am extremely pleased with it, but like others before me, I declare again that a reminder function is common in this type of program and I am puzzled at what seems to be the publisher's resistance to the idea.

It is a function that goes right along with info management because much of the time info management turns out to be PROJECT management and projects have due dates and deadlines. So as things are, I am having to go to an external program to set up reminders.

I really like this program so much but I have found a similar one that does include the reminder function, and that is the one I will have to buy, altho overall I like yours better.

If you can give me some assurance that you have changed your mind and you will be adding a reminder function within a reasonable time, I will buy your program before my trial expires and wait it out, because I really do like your program a lot.

A final point: you are the developer and you must have what you feel are solid reasons for not including such a basic function, but surely it matters that you have almost certainly lost other customers over this point. A reminder function is simply an assumed feature in this type of program.