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Find / Replace - here: Special Characters

Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:39 am
by Fred
As I stated elsewhere, I do not like to import web pages, but I insist on doing a selection of "the matter that matters" there, beforehand, and then I import as plain text, adjoining some illustrations (jpg's or (partial!) screen shots (of tables e.g.)). So I would need a search / replace functionality that is not yet implemented, but that I think would be handy for a lot of other uses / users, too:

I would like to be able to find / replace special characters like Tabs, NewLine, NewParagraph or EndOfParagraph respectively. In many word processors, you can find (and thus replace) them by searching fo ^t, ^h, ^g, ^r or whatever, but those codes do not find anything yet in MI, searching for "^t" would just find a "^t" in the text.

With this functionality, I could replace 2 or more blank lines by just 1, and especially, I could identify and delete those spaces at the end of lines / paragraphes of my web clippings (at this time, you can replace 2 spaces by 1, but a space at the end of a line is in no way accessible for deleting but manually, by doing the "End" command for each line separately, and exporting to another program and re-importing afterwards, is just too much fuss).