about MyInfo Roadmap (5 and beyond)

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about MyInfo Roadmap (5 and beyond)

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Petko, I stumbled upon your revised post by accident recently. Since you have a number of new and important items in your list of proposed features, wouldn't it be better to change the date of the post? As it is, until I actually read the message, I had the impression (from the date) that it was just old news. I assume others may be similarly confused.

The remark about a possible Web version is especially fascinating, because it hints at a solution to the problem of getting MyInfo data onto smart phones and the iPad.

Except for that post (which, as I said, has some substantive news for us users that is likely to be overlooked), you haven't been much in evidence in this forum in recent weeks. That means there are a number of unanswered questions and comments dangling out there on the forum, waiting for your responses. Are you perhaps tanning yourself on a beach during August? If so, I hope you will return refreshed and ready to send occasional messages to the forum, which lately has felt rather dormant.