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Second Text Pane Staying on Top

Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:13 pm
by Fred
- As Felix said, the STP is not functional. First, you would think you could pour the text of an item by a command, assignable to a shortkey (= "pour text of current item into the STP") AND by right-click mouse menu entry when clicking on any item, but no.

Only way to have it there is to click on the (not bold, why??? And make it 1/2 point bigger) title above the current text. But you would not need this same text 2 times (especially since the second one is not editable), you would want to have this text as reference material to a SECOND text, to be edited, that one. So you click upon another entry in your tree...

et voilĂ , your STP vanishes! Of course, you then can make it reappear by Alt-F4, but when I see such a feature implemented in such a way, excuse me, I am wandering if you ever use your own program for your own work, you would immediately see how badly you design it. And since you do not see it for yourself, why don't you listen to very good and absolutely free advice?

As said before, such a STP should take the right "half" of the screen, but, as Felix (who probably hasn't read my developments on this subject) rightly says, the STP should be incorporated, as a sub-frame, into the MI main frame, and there should be other sub-frames, for search results, and so on, with toggle commands, etc. - extensively developed by me months ago here, no need to find something special, just apply the very basics developed here in the forum, and it will be 100x better than it is now.