Advanced State Icon Management [Implementation/Bug Fix]

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Advanced State Icon Management [Implementation/Bug Fix]

Post by gyrus » Wed Nov 27, 2019 12:36 pm

i love state icons and use them very intensively to visually differentiate documents on one glance.

Since i use large number of custom icons, i've noticed a few things by now.
  • There is no proper way to (re)sort User Icons, i would love to be able to create sub categories for my custom Icons and rearrange the order of icons already imported
  • Right-clicking in the state-icon categories window will show a tooltip with a small typo: "availale" (should be "available") as seen in the attached image.
  • Adding a new state icon will usually add the icon to end of the icon list, but sometimes right inbetween for a reason unknown to me.
  • There is no way to resize the State Icon window or scroll to the left, but the right-most / 10th column of icons will be hidden by the window border and you are only able to "scroll" leftwards by using arrow-keys.
    The attachement shows the cut-off icons in the right column.
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