A Less Laughable Favorites Pane

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A Less Laughable Favorites Pane

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- For technical reasons, shortkey assignment to favorites was / is not possible; ok, let's drop it. We now see your new Favorites pane / additional menu doing double for the original favorites menu. I think then whenever somebody displays this additional menu in its pane version, the original menu should not be displayed, since this doubling, if not harmful, is really weird. I congratulate you to the favorites pane, but did it occur to you that the graphic aspect is so ugly of it people could be turned off from using it, in order to not have to look upon it?

You could have made a pane for it in the like of the search results pane, or even lay the favorites list out into the search results pane, since users need one or the other, but not the two at the same time. Or, it should be graphically identical to the search results pane, and more so, it should be DOCKABLE, like the search results pane, to the screen borders. Especially then, it should be dockable on top or at the bottom of the search results pane; this way, you could display the two panes, at the same time, to the right border of your screen; there should be some automatism that re-sizes the height of the two panes then, according to their length, or even a maximize search results pane / maximize favorites pane toggle.

At this time, the implementation is catastrophical: People wanting to use this pane are forced to resize the whole MI screen on their comp screen, in order to find, besides the main program, a place on their screen to place this UNDOCKABLE pane.

Don't take me wrong, this pane is EXTREMELY helpful, it's just its implementation that is done without any love for the customer (and for graphic non-ugliness, not speaking of any "beauty" here). Besides, this thing is something like what I had asked for, a list / pane showing the history of last-viewed items, and to which the same observations would apply. I would very much have liked such a list / pane, and would have used it extensively; now I probably must artificially set the "important" items ("important" just for one work session or half an hour or 5 minutes) as "favorites", in order to reach out for them in an easy way... and afterwards, I'll have the "pleasure" to delete them as "favorites", one by one.

All this is not well done. Please do the pane much better; probably by doing it by option - the list of the "favorites" as a "menu" OR in the "favorites pane" = a double of the search results pane or even IN the search results pane - and do the same for the history of last-viewed items - as an additional (dockable) pane (=dockable to the other pane(s) and to the side of the main frame).

It is one thing to not care about the beauty, the "sex appeal" of a software - Apple and Apple developers care though, that's why they sell such a mountain of often technically inferior product -, it's another thing to do all you can in order to make your program as ugly as possible: with your new "favorites pane" you hit the mark, again.
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