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Additional search feature(s)

Post by Tester » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:54 pm

Hello Petko,

just started to test a little bit your program (the professional version), and I am very impressed about its abilities.
Especially I like the possibility to export my file/data as a web site, as it can be done with the professional version.

For me the main function of "MyInfo" would be to create a dictionary (and to publish it online). This is a reason why I would urgently "need" an additional search function (or rather two):

Within the program itself it would be great if there were a possibility for more comfortable search of document titles (which are in my case the keywords of the dictionary).
I am aware that this search is already possible now by typing "title:" followed by the document's name. But this method is a little bit cumbersome when you have to search permanently in the list with the titles.

I think the perfect solution would be the one that is offered by another program which I am using now (but which offers no possibility for directly exporting as web site). This program is "azzcardfile". It has a (steady) search box above the documents list in the tree. Please take a look at the screenshot on their webpage. It is the box in dark brown colour (under the word "cards list"):

While typing letters in this box, the program already filters the documents (titles) which match these letters (and moreover already opens the first one in the right pane).

That's incredible convenient.

Very useful would also be the possibility to give the user certain options how to search within the search box described above. Azzcardfile offers the options
- "match whole words" and
- "match start of title".

Currently I use the second option which means that the search results contain only documents/titels which have the typed letters at the beginning. E.g. when this option is activated and I type the letters "nation", the search will lead me directly to "nation", ignoring e.g. the document/title "international".

Another useful (but not so necessary) option would be a case sensitive search.

The second search feature I suggest is easy to explain. :wink: It would be the same as the one described above, offered also in the website version of a file.

At the moment "by clicking on a document title [in the tree of the website], its text contents shows in the right contents frame" (see help). That's surely a fine solution. But if you have a lot of document titles (as it happens e.g. in the case of a dictionary) you will have to scroll a lot to find the title/keyword you are looking for. There would be a more elegant method: If there existed a searchbox above the tree's list - as described before for the program itself (and perhaps with similar searching options) - this would be great.

Thanks for reading my suggestions. It would be fine if you could realize them. :D

Here is a screenshot to illustrate how my "ideal" search function would work:


1. In the dark brown search panel (above the documents list) you write for example the three letters "ABH" when your are looking for a word beginning with these letters.

2. Already while typing, the list below shows you all matching documents/keywords.

3. The first matching document (here: "ABHALTEN") is already opened in the right part of the window.

Of course by adding additional letters in the search panel (e.g. "ABHOL") the list with the search results below will automatically be adjusted/filtered again.

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