Creation of new document titles in a popup window

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Creation of new document titles in a popup window

Post by Tester » Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:21 am

Maybe it is a matter of personal preferences but the way of creating (and naming) of documents to my mind could be made easier.

Here my suggestion (inspired from the program "azzcardfile"):

When clicking on the icon for creating a new document in the toolbar (or when using the according shortcut) a window pops up ("New Card") where I have to type the title for my new document (in azzcardfile documents are called "cards"):


After clicking on OK, the title of my new document is automatically in the list/tree on the left (on its correct alphabetical position) and I can immediately start to write (or paste) its contents into the text pane.

I think in this manner the task of creating a new document is structured in a better way as it happens now in MyInfo. (Moreover, the - confusing for me - existence of documents without titles is also avoided.)

In MyInfo (after clicking on the icon for creating a new document) I have:

- to decide respectively look for the position of the new field ("New document") in the tree
- to think about if I will type the title now or if I will fill first the text pane with the contents (which I often have already in the clipboard)
- to pay attention if my cursor is in the "correct" region (= in the tree for naming the document or in the text pane for typing the contents etc.)

All this is a little bit confusing (and time-consuming). When you have to create a lot of documents/titles (as it happens in my case with a dictionary) you easily can forget one of the two things to do: to name your document (= to type its title in the tree) or to fill its text pane with contents. (At least to me it already happened several times. :wink: )

The alternative I mentioned above would give the whole process of creating a new document an easier and completely logical structure:

First decide about its title (within the window that pops up)
---> Confirm this title (by clicking "OK")
---> Afterwards start to write (or paste) within the text pane.

It would be fine if this could be implemented in MyInfo in the same way.

(For users who prefer to place a new document directly on a certain position of the tree, I think this preference could be retained anyway: Right mouse click on/above this position in the tree ---> Click on "Document" in the context menu ---> Type the title directly in the new field in the tree.)

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