Classification of documents on Import

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Classification of documents on Import

Post by pjmiller » Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:33 pm

Many people use the filing system of their computer to classify documents. So I might have a folder for one topic, say Physics, this might contain documents about general physics. In that folder there may be sub-folders which contain sub-topics of Physics, say Geophysics or Optics or Electromagnetism each containing documents on those subjects.

It would be nice to have the option to reproduce this directory structure in MyInfo by creating empty documents to represent the folders and import the documents from those folders as sub-documents of the folder document. Thus in the above example if I imported the folder 'Physics' I would get a document Physics with all the documents in that folder as sub-documents but with three empty documents 'Geophysics', 'Optics' and 'Electromagnetism' which had their folder contents imported as sub-documents to the corresponding folder document.

This would help people to import their folder structures as well as the documents and help preserve the organisational work they have done before getting MyInfo.

An alternative to this although not as good might be to assign documents a keyword corresponding to the name of the folder the file was imported from. So the files from the folder 'Physics' would be assigned the keyword 'Physics' and the files imported from 'Optics' would get the keyword 'Optics'.



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