Internal file viewer like Oracle OutsideIn

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Internal file viewer like Oracle OutsideIn

Post by skguzek » Sat Jun 07, 2014 5:37 am


I have found out about MyInfo through BitsDuJour and already made the same suggestion there but this forum is more suitable.

IMO it would be great to see a powerful file viewer in MyInfo, something like Oracle OutsideIn which is used in many products such as X1 Desktop Search and in the free uLister plugin for Total Commander: (source code provided)

The viewer can rapidly open most popular file formats (over 500) without the native apps installed (i.e. docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, dwg, svg, visio, graphics, wordperfect, pst, database files, etc.). Pretty incredible I must say!
In addition, it can be used to index the contents of files for fast-as-you-type searching (aka live search, check X1).

Since MyInfo already supports plugin architecture, maybe it wouldn't be too difficult to implement. I believe such feature would really open up doors and make MyInfo all-in-one solutions for organizing local data.
In other words, MyInfo would become a fully portable data organizer independent of the host computer's software.

Please share your views.



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