A (better) possibility to retrieve existing anchors?

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A (better) possibility to retrieve existing anchors?

Post by Tester » Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:45 pm

With MyInfo I can link to a specific paragraph within a document (create an anchor).
(right mouse click on the spot / line where I want to link to ---> then choosing the option "Copy Link to This Paragraph" from the context menu)

I am aware that these anchors (their paths/adresses) are saved (at least the recent ones) under:
Insert ---> Hyperlink ---> "Link to: File or Web Page" ---> list with "Recently used links"

The problem: The number of entries in this list becomes quite long by the time and so usually it is difficult to identify a certain anchor which I would like to use a second time (perhaps days or even weeks later). The alternative is to create a new (second) anchor at the same spot but I would prefer one single anchor for a certain spot (line) in order to have everywhere exactly the same reference to this spot.

So my idea would be the following:

I can see within a document where I have set an anchor by a small symbol -o


It would be fine if whenever I go to the line where this anchor is located, a right mouseclick would open the context menu with an additional entry that says something like "Show the path of the anchor" (perhaps even instead of the option "Copy link to This Paragaph", as anyway only one anchor per line makes sense). Then a click on this option would show me in some way the path of this specific (already existing) anchor (for example highlighted within the above mentioned list of "Recently used links"; and something similar for older ones).

Maybe that anyway for technical reasons this idea is not feasible at all, but at least I wanted to mention it. :wink:

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Post by SouzaRM » Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:28 pm

Very important!

Not implemeted still? :cry:

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