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Reminders View Sorting

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Hello Petko - I'm building up MyInfo as a contact relationship manager, and thus far I have been using tags to keep track of due dates for tasks. The reason I am not using the attribute "due date" is because each topic is a different client and I need to view all due dates for the next month at the same time (for the sake of prioritization).

My question for you: is there a way to view all due dates for all topics (similar to the Reminders View which shows all reminders in all topics)? If this is not possible, could you add a Due Date View? I think the code would be the same as the Reminders view, but it would be based on due dates rather than reminder dates.

Finally, if that is not possible, could you add the "due date" attribute as a column to the Reminders View? This would probably be the simplest option. However, to make this work, the user would need to be able to sort on the due date column to show the due dates in chronological order.


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