Item count in the Groups of the Filtered View

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Item count in the Groups of the Filtered View

Post by DONLEONE » Sat Aug 20, 2016 4:49 pm

the ability to custom GROUP the filtered search results (in the tree filter) is really something GREAT
since almost all the other outliners (including UR) are only able to produce a flat search results list,
that does not have any field-based search results grouping at all.

but with MyInfo you can have thus 1 filter
for ALL the possible values of a field
by just setting the filter to that field "is not empty"
(and thus showing all its values as the groups)

and with thus just 1 single filter
one can get an overview of ALL the values
that are assigned to that field.

rather than as i used to do it in UR,
to have to manually create a search folder
for EACH single value in a field,

just to get an overview over all that field
because exactly the UR search is limited
to a flat list only and can show no groups.

= 10x less work thus with MyInfo
and for an even better result !

the only thing i wish the Grouped Search Filter view had
was an ITEM COUNTER so that i could see how many items
are actually under each group / value located

with ideally that number being be right in the Groups Title
or at least somewhere in the Status Bar visible

but i could not yet find a way
to see a group items count


i just discoverd that i could select the first item under a group title
and then quick press CTRL+A to see a count of all its sub-items
displayed right next to it in the text editor,
so that should keep me going for a while :-)

the ultimate improvement of course would be
to have also the ability to make sub-groups
and save custom field arrangements for each filter
so one could show & arrange just certain custom fields
for each filtered view individually (as it is e.g. in Outlook)


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Post by Petko » Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:23 pm

The item count will be added to groups in MyInfo 7!

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