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[planned] Drag notes to another notebook

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:17 pm
by Ivar
I have the notebooks pane open with different notebooks and sections
It feels logical to drag a note from the notes pane to a section on the notebookspane.
like you would do in windows Explorer

Re: Drag notes to another notebook

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:16 am
by Telesto
Like seeing databases & sections as folders.

I get the idea. Personally not really supporting it.

At one hand out of own interest. I did a change proposal related to the notebook panel. In essence to change it to section only panel (for single database). Like having vertical tabs (see Vivaldi browser; Tools -Settings -> Tabs. Pick/Right Left). And placing the notebooks as such in horizontal bar.

The effect would be that at least drag & drop to different databases becoming impossible. Copy/paste would still work. And also proposed 'maybe to leave the 'old' notebook panel in a separate instance. So this would be still possible But I personally would consider it more or undesired.

The other reason is sections are containing 'tree'. So are hierarchical (top/down.. parent/children). Drag at drop means dropping notes to different section means dropping it to the end of the list. Which feels tremendously 'random' too me. Story is different if section list mode main view. But well you can't tell that from 'the section' caption.

And having large list of notes.. and adding those at the bottom... I mostly going 'after' those note anyhow (so switching section) to give it a proper position..

There obviously more user-cases I can imagine and this only an contemporary opinion of mine. Describing why you proposed this might help me understand the advantage. And Petko might find it interesting too. Obviously he the one who decides..

Re: [planned] Drag notes to another notebook

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:05 pm
by Petko
Dragging notes to other notebooks is planned at some point for MyInfo 7.