Faster export to Website?

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Faster export to Website?

Post by Tester » Fri Nov 15, 2013 7:30 am

I do not know if this is technically possible. If yes, it would be a useful feature, I think:

Currently every time when exporting a file (database) to website, all documents of this file/database are converted again into html files (ready for publishing on a website). The more documents exist, the longer takes this procedure, of course.

The export could be accelerated considerably if there were the option that the export of documents to website is restricted 1. to new documents (of course) and 2. to documents which have a different date (or a different size) compared to those (with the same name) in the folder which contains your website version.

For example:
- Let's assume I have already carried out the "Export to Website" of 300 documents, stored in the folder "XY".
- After continuing my work with MyInfo, I have modified 7 of these 300 documents and created 10 new documents in the same file/database.
- I start a new export (again to the folder "XY"):
--> Currently all 300 plus 10 documents are exported. With the option described above it would be only 7 + 10 = 17.

It would be the same principle as the one with which you can upload afterwards the website to your webspace, provided you choose the right options in your ftp-client. For example it works fine with Filezilla when chosing the option that only files whose size has changed shall be uploaded (and changing the standard transfer type in Filezilla to "Binary", because with "Auto" or "ASCII" the size of a file changes even if you did not modify it).

From the technical side, it seems possible. I saw another program ("RightNote") which offers the following options when exporting to html:

"What to do if [html-]filename already exists?
- Prompt before overwrite
- Overwrite if file already exists
- Solve conflict by adding a number"


For my intentions (= faster export procedure) of course a fourth option would be desirable: Something like "Don't export".

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