Import text files by delimiter (to auto split them)

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Import text files by delimiter (to auto split them)

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Ultra Recall has the ability
to import a rich text file
by a custom chosen delimiter


by a paragraph split


at a chosen page numbers split

and thus very nicely and efficiently
auto-split a long text file
into many smaller subjects.

this has the benefit of:

1. it saves you a lot of time in not having
to first export a file into many smaller ones
and then import them thus so into MyInfo
but one could thus do it all in one step,
right from the MyInfo importer.


2. one could retain thus also nicely
special symbols in the item title,
like for example / : <> | ? "
which otherwise would all be lost
and converted to a boring _
by having to thus go through the windows file explorer
which does not allow for any of these.

so it would be great
if MyInfo could offer thus
a delimited import as-well.

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