First experiences with MyInfo – benefits and misses

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First experiences with MyInfo – benefits and misses

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Dear Team Petko and Users,
now, after 31 years of working with ThinkTank I am migrating with all my stuff (Megabytes and Megabytes of solely text) to MyInfo - thanks the ability of MyInfo to import as you call 'Classic .HEAD Structures'. And I am puzzling how you came to the glorious idea to implement this feature.

Although Dave Winer was - IS - a genius, (as the invetor of outliners at all) ThinkTank outlived itself by the years. Since about fifteen years I've been looking for a modern program to change over, but no one could import the big amount of stuff I am working on.

MyInfo is really a great work - I assume, the team is not very big - a great work - as well concerning the amount as the quality. (I did some programming work in my life...) - Respect.

I enjoy almost everything of the program, I am kind of 'swimming' in its benefits like

- Text wrap in Hedlines
- Colored Text
- Format Options of headlines and docs /font, size, color, background
- Format options of paragraphs with indentations etc.
- Possibility to modify size of document and tree pane
- Particularly the possibility of working in all Windows versions - I don't need to install anymore the virtual 16-bit DOS BOX an a 64-bit system to run ThinkTank in it
- For me personally a fun is to be able to use the numpad, what in ThinkTank was blocked
- Typographical Qoutes, N-dashes, M-dashes etc.
- The possibility to place images into docs...
- Through the better windows I can work a lot faster
and more effective than before
- and last but not least the straithtforward liability of the program.

There are some points I am missing in MyInfo, but it is possible the features are implemented, I just didn't find them yet.

--- The whole Tree is unfolding on expand. This is very irritating and causes additional work and time loss to fold the tree to a degree for a good overview Either should the program only expand the next child level or it should there be a possibility to custom set the depth of expanding of headlines at unfolding.
Only at an 'Infinity'-command should it expand the whole tree.
Normal need:
--- Editor: show signs of Blanks, Tabs, Returns
--- Editor: convert selected text in upper-/lovercase
--- Find: search direction should be to choose with one click like two buttons: One button: Find next (=forward) One button: Find previous (=backward)
--- The attribute 'Text Size Display' of documents doesn't work. For ex. it shows 9486, real Size of text (in Notepad) is 1378 Byte. (Or did I missunderstand something here?)
--- I've found no possibility to deactivate Spellchecking
--- Classic Import should convert 8-bit ASCII (at that time called 'IBM-ASCII') to ANSI coding since MyInfo works with ANSI. - ThinkTank was a 16-bit DOS ASCII
Program. Now I have to convert every ThinkTank structure from ASCII to ANSI in a different program to make the imported structure usable in MyInfo.

I wish everybody good success
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