My next episode /w MyInfo

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My next episode /w MyInfo

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It doesn't seem to be as a big traffic here as my first impression was, but nevertheless I want to post the next episode of my experiences with MyInfo.
— In the meantime I understood why the lengths of documents shown are so much bigger than the text itself: there is a lot of additional data of formatting etc. in the documents what seems to be counted with. — A little window in the foot-bar of the program would be good, showing the length of text as I am typing - I mean without going to statistics etc.
— Furthermore, after unzipping a '.mio' file it seems that MyInfo internally works with Unicode, not with ANSI as it first seemed to me.
— The last days I tested many outliners, to see what and how. After testing of about five or six I came to the conclusion to stay with MyInfo as my standard outliner. The reasons: MyInfo is made with the most cautious approach, thinking about 'what was before und what comes after'. Those outliners are centered either just 'full narcistically' on themselves or they focus web publishing resp. other electronic publishing like e-books. So they are simply not able to export a file which is usable for further processing for a normal printshop to make a book or a brochure of PAPER! – becoause such things - beleive or not - still exist. MyInfo is able to do this thanks 'Petkos' or the teams prudent attitude. With MyInfos structured export of contents I can code Paragraphs and hierarchically coded Headlines and then import them into a publishing prog like Indesign or - still the best on the market - Ventura Publisher.

I wish everebody a good time and a lot of money

So now I'm going to work with MyInfo.
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