[fixed in 6.04] UI issues

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[fixed in 6.04] UI issues

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Petko, several fairly trivial UI issues in 6.02:

In the search box, we now have to hit the enter key twice before a search takes place.

In the edit tags box, if we hit the enter key after selecting a tag, the cursor now moves onto the next line (and there is no reason why we would want to do that); in the previous version of MI, hitting enter at that point took us into the text editing window.

There has been some increase of sensitivity to mouse movements in the tree; I find that if I am not careful, I accidentally move an item in the tree to a different position. I know I'm not imagining this; items really do now shift around more easily (too easily, I would say) than they did before.

None of these is earth-shaking, but they do rather confuse some longstanding habits of mine.