Where do attachments reside?

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Where do attachments reside?

Post by dustinm » Tue Oct 29, 2019 1:44 am

I am a new user of Myinfo and I am exploring the ways I can use it.

I currently use a portable drive for all of my work. I use the Myinfo portable version. I thought it would be useful to put everything which is currently on my portable drive into Myinfo. However, sometimes it seems to complicate things. It is easier to just go directly into the folders on the portable drive to find what I need (for certain situations).

I also don't know where the attachments are stored when they are imported into Myinfo. Would the attachments be located in two places, both the original folder on the portable drive and inside the Myinfo database? If so, would that increase the amount of storage I use on my portable drive? If I were to move or delete a folder or file on my portable drive, would the file/folder also be deleted (or not be accessible) within Myinfo?


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Post by Petko » Tue Oct 29, 2019 2:25 pm

MyInfo attachments are stored inside MyInfo topic files. So, if you import a file in MyInfo and don't want it to be on both locations, you need to delete it from the file system.

When to store files as attachments in MyInfo depends on your workflow. But, if you use them often outside of MyInfo, then probably there is no need to move them inside MyInfo.

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