a Ribbon?

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a Ribbon?

Post by Ivar »

I know it would be a greater update, but I think a Ribbon would be fine.
I made some custom toolbars for my use in Myinfo 7. But i only need them when i make notes or catagorize them.
Sometimes I only want to search for a note, or look around in my notes. I do not need all the butons and toolbars.
It would give a nice clean interface whenn the Ribbon then is colapsed.
On the same way as in Ms Office.

Maybe its also 'as an option' to bring the tabs to the bottom, as in Excel.
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Post by Tester »

Please allow me a small comment about this suggestion: I hope that ribbons would only be an option - as alternative to use the traditional toolbars but not replacing them. I understand your needs but if I have the choice I always prefer toolbars. :wink:
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Post by Telesto »

Repeat of: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4665&p=8268&hilit=ribbon#p8268

My neither big fan of a ribbon. It did add certain value for MSO (except for public attention). I did find functions I wasn't aware off. And easy access to certain functions in certain area's.

In my humble view I see no point for ribbon with such limited functions. And without many different in app contexts
I perceive the ribbon as a big an clunky unpractical thing. Implemented without actual advantage.

Only aesthetical or cross application consistency and/or group of users asking for it some reason. But why is unclear to me [still open for explanations]
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