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ruler and formatting

Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2022 5:13 pm
by shalom
I see that since v6, the ruler has been removed. Without the ruler, how do I ensure text isn't wider than my paper margins? I don't want text in columns wrapping to the beginning of the next line.

Also, since it converts tabs to spaces and I can't set up tab breaks without the ruler to make columns line up evenly (even with a unicode type font). Is there a way to get columns lined up evenly without a table (a table won't work for my purpose)?

Re: ruler and formatting

Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2022 2:48 pm
by shalom
In my opinion, MyInfo went backwards when it was changed to save notes as html instead of rtf, thus omitting storage of tabs and the functions of the ruler. It is my understanding that rtf is universal, why use html when it removes basic functionality that rtf provides?

I haven't purchased MyInfo yet and my trial period is almost up. Most of the differences between AskSam & MyInfo I can deal with.
Inserting characters and character strings in the body of the text from a picklist (addressed in another thread) is a major issue as I use it all the time.
Another issue I haven't found an answer for is that AskSam showed on the bottom line how many pages a note was. I haven't found a way to get that (or at least the number of lines) in MyInfo. The number of characters gives very little help for me. A line may have 1 character or it may be full of characters, so it can't be used to determine how many pages it would be. Page count would be best since font size and pictures can affect the line count, however, line count would be more useful than character count.

Although the two issues above are very important to me they aren't necessarily a game changer. However, the removal of the formatting cability rtf provides is a game changer. I don't know if I will purchase it, especially at the price it is knowing I will have major formatting issues.

Re: ruler and formatting

Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2022 4:14 pm
by Petko
Currently, MyInfo can show the following information about the note content (via Tools > Word Count): words, paragraphs, characters (with spaces), characters (w/o spaces).

As for the ruler, probably it will be added back at some point. But it is a big feature and it requires time and effort. It is not a top priority yet.